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   QC department has more than 60 people, which the average age of team around 30 years old. This is a young and energy team. Some of employees have more than ten years working experience in YILI. QC team can always keep calm, comprehensive analysis and decisive decision-making when they met problems and keep products to quality assurance and improvement. And also new employees joined this team with study hard, good observation, strong execution as an important role to ensure the product quality.  


   Department has a variety of advanced testing equipment, for the product quality and performance of a strong guarantee.    


   Qualified with the ISO9001 quality system certification, and was passed the quality inspection by the global well-known cleaning machine buyer and the third party professional institutions, such as: TUV, BV, SGS, etc.  


Test Equipment


          QC P1.jpg           QC P2.jpg          QC P3.jpg

          3D Coordinate Measuring Machine                    Electromechanical UTM                                 Projector


          QC P5.jpg          QC P6.jpg          QC P7.jpg

          Computer Container Compression Tester          RoHS Tester                                                 Melt Flow Indexer