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    In more than 30 years of entrepreneurial history, I always kept the attitude of " sincerity, profession and persistence" to my career and gained a lot from it. 


    In the first decade of my business, I seized a good time of the reform and opening up and became the first group of private entrepreneurs in the injection mold processing in Huangyan, all of these laid a good foundation for entering home appliance manufacturing industry. Till now, the mold enterprise is still an indispensable cornerstone for Yili group. 


    In the second decade, I learned a lot about the cleaner products from supplying matching mould to some well-known cleaner enterprise and in the ensuing 20 years, I continued to invest and develop cleaner products in order to provide our customers with the most valuable products. In this 10 years, the company was named as Yili on behalf of the strength of millions of people, and perseverance willpower of Yili staffs.


    In the third decade, I entered into Shanghai and started the development of a new industry with my Yili staffs, - pressure washer. Pressure washer products demand is much higher than vacuum cleaner and it is an emerging industry with less manufacturers and weak supporting which is a great opportunity but also a great challenge for Yili. 7 consecutive years of investment and losses makes Yili a dangerous predicament. I and my Yili staffs, at this critical moment, played a "Yili" spiritual, finally ushered the spring in the washing machine business in2008! Yili with excellent product quality, friendly price and good customer service, becomes the largest pressure washer OEM suppliers. 


   Along the way , Yili always holds the corporate values of sincerity, collaboration, factualism and pragmatism and insists on again and again . I am very grateful to my team for they are so many years in the same boat and dependent with each other .At the same time, I would also like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all walks of life for their support and concern so many years. I believe in Yili's future is bright because of you!