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   Yili Group, headquartered in Shanghai, is an enterprise specialized in cleaning products manufacture with main entities Zhejiang Yili Electric Co., LtdZhejiang Yili Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd and Taizhou Yili Mold Co., Ltd., and its main products include high pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and other cleaning appliance products.   


   Founded in 1983, Yili Group has been developing for more than 30 years with big leaps from Zhejiang Huangyan to the world city in Shanghai. Relying on our strong R&D and innovation capability, product lines had been enriched and expanded from the initial mold manufacturing to the field of cleaning equipment including vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers, air purifiers, etc. Yili Group’s annual sales maintain a outstanding increasing rate accounted for all kinds of product sales as the industry leader .Wherein the sales volume of high pressure washer is nearly 3 million units which shares over 15% in global market, ranking the first place in Asia .The sales volume of Vacuum cleaner is nearly 200 million units as the major domestic vacuum cleaner manufacturers and exporters. Yili Group’s annual sales exceed 1 billion RMB.  


   Yili group has nearly 2000 employed people, consists of 100 R & D staff  100 salesperson and 80 engineers. At present Yili group has two main manufacturing bases, one in Shanghai which was founded in 1999 with an area of 50000 square meters and another in Zhejiang province was built in 2009 which covers an area of 90000 square meters. Construction area of 130,000 square meters is the largest production base of cleaning appliances in China.   


   With the development of human society, the requirement of living and working environment is gradually increasing, from the family to social public environment for the “clean environment” has been putting forward to higher requirement. All along, with our research and development of new edge cleaning technology, process quality control, and efficient team work, for the social environment clean improvement  that we constantly strive for improving the cleaning appliance product performance to fulfill the needs of social cleaning work.  


   On the basis of ISO9001 standards, Yili strictly perfects the process system and fine regulates all production processes and manufacturing sectors. Yili has achieved efficient and precise operation in all aspects from manufacturing to sales and service by using advanced ERP resource information management platform. Innovative R&D ability, fine management, high quality products, fast delivery capability, and high quality customer service, all of these ensure the common progress between Yili and our customers in the course of development.  


   We insist the mission of Profession Manufacture Create Value , hold the Corporate value of Sincerity collaborationfactualism and pragmatism ,believe in the vision of To be the first class supplier of cleaning equipment and all of them guide us steadily forward in cleaning equipment manufacturing industry. Yili will continue to contribute for creating a comfortable living and working environment by supplying high quality cleaning products.