Vacuum cleaners
Wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Semi-automatic filter cleaning system

Wet & Dry cleaning

Blower function

Dust full indicator

Speed control system (Optional)

Power tool socket function (Optional)

On-board accessory storage

Convenient suction hose and bend attachment for easy transport and storage

Drain device for convenient liquid disposal

Vehicle Interiors
House Interiors
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Shops & Workshops
Office Interiors
Hotel Rooms and Furniture
Upholstery & Carpets





Model: YLW6291

20L / 30L / 40L


This is a smart vacuum cleaner with a semi-automatic filter cleaning system.

Wet and dry cleaning, meet diverse cleaning needs. Turn on the power and use it, keep everything under control.


This product also has different version to choose, please contact us for more.





Voltage / Frequency(w): 220-240V/50Hz I 100-127V50/60Hz


Moto Power(w): 1200W


Vacuum Pressure (Kpa): 16.5±1.5


Airflow (m³/min): ≥1.8



Dimensions and packing


Product Dimension(mm):

429*368*578 (20L)

429*368*658 (30L)

429*368*788 (40L)


Packaging Dimension(mm):

448*390*650 (20L)

490*410*685 (30L)

490*410*815 (40L)


Load Quantity(20’/40’/40’HQ):

260/540/600 (20L)

208/434/481 (30L)

163/286/324 (40L)



Standard accessories


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